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Hi, we are The Bearhead.

We provide consulting services focused on process improvement, customer experience, and progress. We believe through effective communication, empathy, and community that anything is possible.

We will listen and pay attention to help you achieve your goals.

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These are our projects

The Bearhead Community

A Community to discuss things important to The Bearhead.

Earmark Twain

Commentary on civil society and culture. He rides the line between chaos and reality.

The Mood Hall

Spotify playlist curated by Earmark Twain. Music that makes him feel. Future live-streamed DJ show.

Heal & Feel Society

Medium publication focusing on writing that makes people feel. Just serious enough to heal.

The Antireagan

Medium publication. We believe that the policies of the Reagan administration and it’s impact on worldview is something worth discussing.

Ramen Syrup

Record label and publishing.

Juno Ball

Music. Genre: Dusk Disco

Bear Luna

Music. Genre: Moon Disco